If anyone wonders if it was so smart

If anyone wonders if it was so smart
To pull out of that accord of which the whole world’s a part
(Except for Syria, fucked up as they are,
And Nicaragua, who thinks it does not go far),
And if Donald knows just what’s going on
In the world at large, what’s right and what’s wrong,
Just read this fact-check, or research it yourself.
These decisions are too great to be left on a shelf.
And if you think you have something to say,
Say it in verse or it will go away.

4 thoughts on “If anyone wonders if it was so smart

  1. Zorikh Lequidre

    The poetry rule is here in effect.
    It is a rule that you must respect.
    If you wish to post a meme
    And have it remain to be seen,
    Then you must provide a verse,
    No matter if it is better or worse.

    1. Zorikh Lequidre

      Jamie Hidalgo Post if you wish, just follow the rule.
      No pics without verse, and all will be cool.

    1. Zorikh Lequidre

      Go ahainst the will 0f mayors and pope,
      Govs and corps, like a dope?
      Afraid i cannot say i would, nor that a us president should.

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